Change Your Behaviour

Developing yourself as a leader is not easy ; behaviour change is hard , time consuming, and frustrating, However removing the most common roadblocks to change can make your path to self improvement better.

1. Take Ownership. Believe in your ability and take ownership before starting

2. Be Patient . Lasting results take time

3. Accept Difficulties . Real change takes real work. Be prepared to face challenges you didn’t anticipate

4. Refuse to be Distracted. You need to make your Development a priority and refuse to let distractions divert your path

5. Maintain. Sustainable change requires maintenance over a lifetime Leadership is about vision and responsibility not power and the key to successful leadership is INFLUENCE not AUTHORITY If you want everyone else to be passionate, committed, dedicated, loyal and motivated Go first. People join because of great vision and people leave because of poor leadership.

credit: Harvard Business Review

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