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Guru Roughly Pokes Kuami Eugene

The music industry in Ghana just like any human institution can boast of successes as bow its head to failures as well. Over several decades, musicians have been at each for a myriad of reason tracing as far back as the nineties with the most recent one between Guru and Kuami Eugene.

Maradona Yeboah Adjei other wise know as guru has hit hard at Kuami Eugune afer the later allegedly refused the former a collaboration. Guru, who shot to fame after his collaborative hit song with legendary Obrafour – “Kasiebo” said he admires Kuami Eugene and his craft and for that matter would have wished to work with him on a song.

However, Kuami Eugene on his part said, being on the label of Lynx entertainment, he could not work with Guru because there was some friction between Guru and Richie Mensah of lynx Entertainment, which did not settle well with him (Guru) referring Kuami eugene to his achievements in the music industry which spans close to a decade or more.

On the minds of many Ghanaians, whatever the issue is between Richie and Guru should have been settled by now and have called on Kuamin Eugene to “mind his business”.

Going forward, it would be a beautiful experience if Kuami Eugene “opens the gate” for Guru to drive in his “Lapaz Toyota”

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